Drawing and measuring simple shapes: TES
Resource Simple sheet requiring pupils to draw squares, rectangles and an irregular shape given the required measurements, or to draw and then measure their own shape
2 D shapes PPT: TES
PowerPoint 2d shapes, polygon, quadrilateral, angles, shape
Drawing 2D shapes: TES
Resource A simple sheet to help children draw 2D shapes with accuracy. Will encourage use of ruler accurately and co-ordination. Allows children to experiment and draw irregular shapes. Can be linked to the use of pin board in maths lessons.
Draw 2 D shapes
Resource Measuring and drawing 2D shapes accurately using a set square.
Snappy maths- 2D shape
Website Great set of worksheets and interactive resources for 2D shape.
Parallel and perpendicular - linked to 2D shapes-TES
Lesson Looking for parallel and perpendicular lines in the world around us and in 2D shapes. The activity involves drawing 2D shapes with certain pairs of lines (differentiated - 3 levels).
Dotty paper to draw quadrilaterals
Resource Draw quadrilaterals on this dotty paper.
2D shape- worksheets
Resource Great worksheets from Teaching Image