Light planning for new curriculum-Hamilton Trust( free)
Website Identify light sources and discuss the Sun. Establish that light is reflected off things that we see and that darkness is an absence of light. Make sundials.
Display Light- Display material  from Sparklebox
Display Light- Display material  from Twinkl
Display Light- Display material  from Instant Display
Video Light videos from BBC Learning Zone
Website Interactive light resources from Everyschool
Light and shadow
Website Light and shadow resources from Coxhoe Primary School.  
Website Light and shadow resources from Primary Resources.
Interactive Light science clips
Website Interactive Light science clips from the BBC.
Website Woodlands Junior School resources on light and shadows.
PowerPoint quiz-TES
Resource A PowerPoint quiz - can the children say which are light sources and which are not? 10 questions with answers following.
Light lesson-TES
Resource This is a PowerPoint  used as part of a unit on Light for a mixed Y3-4-5 class. It followed the first lesson on understanding the difference between light sources and reflectors, and that light travels in straight lines.  
How day and night is created on Earth-TES Hamilton Trust
Resource In this session children shed light on how day and night is created on Earth, international time zones and why their length changes throughout the year. They then take a safe look at sun spots on the surface of the Sun. Suitable for Y5 pupils.  
Shadow investigation Hamilton Trust on -TES
Resource On a sunny day draw around each other to investigate what happens to shadow position and length throughout the day.Put the findings on a graph.  
Light-Powerpoint lesson-TES
Resource PowerPoint to teach the Year 3 Light and Shadows unit. It contains enough learning objectives for a full half term and activities for each lesson.
Light and shadows -PowerPoint-TES
Resource This PowerPoint was to introduce light and shadows before an open ended investigation on how to change the size of shadows and which objects give the darkest shadows.
Light sources sorting cards-TES
Resource Here is a set of light sources sorting cards - they can be printed and laminated. A selection of objects for the children to sort into light sources - couple of reflective objects to create discussion! Great for pre topic assessment or post topic assessment.
Light-termly planning
Lesson Plan A complete half term's planning and resources on the QCA topic of light and shadows.  
'Theatre', science covered 'Light and Shadows'.-TES
Lesson plan MTP - topic was 'Theatre', science covered 'Light and Shadows'. Includes teaching of aspects of light, and shadow puppet theatre project. Resources also uploaded.
Light-TES activities
Lesson Plan Worksheet for light and shadows exploration We had various activities going on around the class where the answers could be found e.g. reflective vests worn in a cupboard with no lights, A light box and mirrors, A projector to make shadows, opaque and transparent materials and lots of torches.
Light-all TES resources
Website Fantastic selection of resources for light from the TES.
Study Ladder
Website Lots of resources from this Australian site- but you must join.
Third Space Learning
Website  Mainly aimed at Years 5 and 6 , with useful resources, but also a website to keep an eye on as they will undoubtedly expand more .
Mathematics Mastery
Website Some examples ( full flip charts  and lessons ) of a Mastery approach.