Habitats- Hamilton Trust planning- free
Website Remind children of MRS NERG (met in Year 2) – mnemonic for the seven characteristics of living things. Define a habitat and establish that animals and plants live in a particular habitat to meet their basic needs. Children name living things in a range of habitats.
Habitats- Full lesson resources TES
Lesson Adapted from the RSPCA website lessons . Full set of PowerPoints and resources.
Website Resources from Sparklebox.
Habitats- Sparklebox
Display Habitats long display banner.
Habitats- Instant Display
Display Full pack of display materials from Instant Display.
Habitats- BBC Learning Zone
Video BBC Learning Zone resources for habitats.
Habitats- TES
Website Resources from the TES
Habitats- CBBC interactive
Resource The Sarah Jane Adventures team from CBBC join Bitesize to play a Science plant and animal habitats activity.
Habitats- Everyschool
Website Good set of visual resources from Everyschool.
Habitats- Woodlands Junior
Website Woodlands Junior resources for habitats.
Habitats- interactive BBC science clips
Resource Habitats- BBC School science clips.  
Human Life cycle
Video The development of a foetus from fertilisation through to implantation and growth in the womb. Includes footage of a sperm and an egg fertilising and implanting in the womb.
Human Life cycle- game BBC
Interactive Mr Flatley's taken anti-ageing potion and the human life cycle has been reversed! Get him back to normal before the school parents evening.
Human Life cycle
Website A large number of human life cycle resources from the TES.
Human Life cycle
Lesson Free lesson plan, explanation text and worksheets from Hamilton Trust. There is a PDF and an editable version of each worksheet. The resources are designed for the new primary curriculum for Year 2, but could also be used with Year 5 if the lesson plan were adapted.
Human Life cycle
PowerPoint PowerPoint showing the 6 stages of the human life cycle.
Insect life cycle- video
Video The lifecycle of an ant.
Caterpillar life cycle
PowerPoint PowerPoint presentation with matching differentiated worksheets.
Insect life cycle

Insect life cycle

Resource Cut-and-glue worksheet on three different insects' life cycle (butterfly, ladybug, cricket)
Life cycle of a bird- video

Life cycle of a bird- video

Video Life cycle of a bird video on You Tube.
Life cycle of a bird- worksheet
Resource In this activity, the children fill in the words and pictures to finish the life cycles of a penguin and a crane. The life cycle is egg --> chick --> adult bird.
Life cycle of a bird

Life cycle of a bird

Lesson An interactive talking story book using photographs.The book is intended to engender dicussion and improve listening skills. The activity shows how people can look after birds and the life cycle of the bird.
Turtle life Cycle

Turtle life Cycle

Lesson Explore the life cycles of a variety of species groups, from plants and mammals to amphibians and reptiles, and investigate their similarities and differences. After learning more about the incredible life cycle of the green turtle, students play a turtle life cycle board game to see if they can survive from an egg to an adult turtle.
Life Cycle- worksheets

Life Cycle- worksheets

Lesson Worksheets showing various animal life cycles from Kid Zone.
Life cycle of a frog

Life cycle of a frog

Website Life cycle of a frog
Life processes- Instant Display

Life processes- Instant Display

Display Display materials from Instant Display
Life cycles- Topmarks
Website Life cycle interactives hosted by Topmarks.
Life cycles- Woodlands Junior
Website Woodlands Junior resources.
Life cycles- Introduction video BBC
Video A compilation of clips set to background music and based on the theme of life cycles. Includes images of seed dispersal, eggs, bees, seedlings growing, eggs hatching, caterpillars, pupae, a calf, and a human baby.
Life cycles-BBC Science clips
Website BBC Science clips- Life cycles.
Life Cycles- Lesson
Lesson Plan BBC Lesson plan and resources.
Plant Lifecycles
Resource Plant life cycle interactive from Crickweb.
Lifecycles- Resources 2
Lesson Plan Fantastic set of resources linked to the MTP on lifecycles for year 5 QCA unit. Check out Yr5 Lifecycles Resources3 for the final list of resources.
Humans and other animals: Growth and Reproduction

Humans and other animals: Growth and Reproduction

Video BBC Learning Zone videos.


Lesson Plan A variety of resources and planning for Year 5.
Lifecycles- Resources 1

Lifecycles- Resources 1

Lesson Plan MTP and resources for the QCA year 5 unit:lifecycles. Looks at plant lifecycles and touches on animal lifecycles. Some resources made by myself, all other resources taken from various websites (all free resources!)
Lifecycles- PowerPoint
Resource A series of PowerPoint files that cover plant and animal life cycles and food chains.
Plant reproduction-Video
Video BBC Learning Zone - Green plant reproduction videos
BBC Schools Science Clips -Plant life cycles
Website BBC Schools Science Clips -Plant life cycles    
Plant life cycles-TES lesson
Lesson TES- Year 5 Lifecycles of plants - lesson plan