Literacy KS2

Here’s a good selection of fiction for both upper and lower KS2 Literacy.

Latest books on our site  KS2 Fiction

There are lots of new books  The Spiderwick Chronicles, Danny Champion of the World,  Beowulf, Billionaire BoyGorilla and The Demon Headmaster,  in our KS2 fiction section. Why not use some of the ideas and resources in your lessons?

Alphabetical KS2 Books Links to lesson plans and resources for all the key texts such as Carrie’s WarHoles and The Twits.


Cross curricular literacy

Here is our selection of lesson plans, resources, video and activities for cross curricular literacy:

Stories, poetry and ideas to support the new history topic British Prehistory from the Stone Age to the Iron Age: StoneAge Literacy-lesson plans and resources for   Cave Baby, Ug and Stone Age Boy 

Compare and contrast multiple versions of Cinderella by different authors and from different cultures – see Egyptians Literacy  

The Egyptian Cinderella; Cinderella around the World; Then Times Travelling Cat; Egyptian Adventures.

 Greeks Literacy

Heroes of Troy;Labours of Hercules; Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief; Pandora’s Box;King Midas . Whether they’re true, just good stories or somewhere in between, we all love a juicy myth or legend. From ancient Greece to Britain in the Dark Ages, these are familiar stories that we we all think we know inside out.

Romans- Literacy
Romulus and Remus playscript; Boudicca poem and storyboard, The Roman Mysteries; The History Shed Dum Spiro; Roman poetry.

Space Pirates narrative, Chimp in Space, Take a trip into space to visit another planet. All through different writing genres (radio adverts, reports, newspapers, explanations, arguments, complaint letters, instructions etc.)

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons literacy
Viking Sagas BBC Schools Radio; 8 Anglo-Saxon videos from the BBC; Norse Myths; Beowulf; How to Train your Dragon.

Formal/impersonal writing Y6

Letter writing: Letter of complaint; Letter writing resources from Primary Resources: complaints, postcards,formal and informal letter language.Use leaflets and websites of castles and tourist sites to provide examples of many different text types.

Argument Y6
Scientists and experts express two sides of the argument on both cloning and fertility treatment;Uniform vs Non-uniform; Should games consoles be used in the classroom? ; Rights and wrongs of children playing computer games.

Journalistic writing Y6
BBC Learning Zone – Class clips- Journalism; BBC Bitesize Newspaper writing’Boy rescued from fire!’; Read the news report and organise the information into who, what, where, why and when ; Your junior reporters have handed in two badly written stories and it’s your job to put things right!; Be a Sports reporter.

Biography and autobiography Y6
Neil Armstrong; Florence Nightingale; Shakespeare; Charles Dickens; Roald Dahl; Anne Frank

Persuasive writing Y5

Read and evaluate letters, for example from newspapers or magazines, intended to inform, protest, complain, persuade, considering (i) how they are set out…

Recounts Y5
Inspire children to write their own holiday brochures for mountain resorts; A concise breakdown of the key aspects for writing persuasively; Persuasive Words and PhrasesPersuasive BlurbsPersuasive Writing Frame ; Planning for Y5 unit of work on persuasive writing linked to topic/ theme of water with PSHCE links; A 4 week unit of work with children designing and planning their own chocolate bar, then they produce an advertising campaign to go with it.

Instructions Y5
Create written instructions for a film animal of their choice to perform and discover the secrets of how the animal actors in the Harry Potter™ film series were trained; Step-by-step instructions with photo illustrations for a wide range of art projects; Tasks that can be inspired by this animation. Children could ‘invent’ there own flying machine and label their diagram before writing instructions on how it works.

 Featured websites

Website Great selection of KS2 video clips from the Maths Channel.  Illuminations- InteractivesWebsite Great maths interactives website.  BBC Learning Zone- Class ClipsWebsite Excellent class clips site. Lots of videos to go along with your lessons.  Primary Treasure ChestWebsite Lots of display and other resources.

KS2 Primary Resources

Top Marks
Website Free interactive whiteboard resources


Website Display material and resources from Twinkl.
Topic Box
Website 2000 links from Topic Box
Woodlands Resources
Website The famous Woodlands website- full of unbeatable links and resources.
BBC Bitesize and Class Clips
Website Brand new BBC Bitesize site with BBC Learning Zone class clips
Website 1676 free interactive resources


Website Thousands of resources from the TES
Hamilton Trust
Video Great planning site. Some free resources but basically a subscription site.
Website 265 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary/Elementary Schools.
Primary Resources
Primary Resources

Teacher’s TV

Website Free access to the Teachers TV video archive, including videos supporting professional development, assessment, behaviour and subject teaching for primary teachers.