Historical Settings

Overview- Historical settings

  • Read several short stories set in the past. Begin reading a longer story with historical setting as a serial to run throughout unit. Identify the details in the text that describe characters and setting and discuss the similarities to and differences from children’s own experience.
  • Select a character. Discuss own response to the character and way that author achieves this. Write a character sketch using evidence from the text.
  • Watch a short extract of a TV drama set in the past. Discuss how differences in time and place are represented.
  • Map the stages in stories read and discuss the passing of time. Relate to organisation of paragraphs and key phrases, for example ‘The next moment…’, ‘Minutes ticked by…’, ‘Some weeks later…’ Identify events that are skimmed and those told in more depth.
  • Present a historical setting familiar to the children (e.g. linked with period studied in history). Support children as they plan and tell a story, for example first person account of a child caught up in a historical event.
  • Children write own short stories set in the past, using their oral stories to structure the written versions. Demonstrate and support as they add descriptive detail to make the setting more vivid for the reader.

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