Third Space Learning
Website  Mainly aimed at Years 5 and 6 , with useful resources, but also a website to keep an eye on as they will undoubtedly expand more .
STEM Primary Mathematics resources
Website  Lots of useful resources for Primary maths.
Deepening Understanding
Website A website in its infancy but with useful reasoning resources.
White Rose: new maths planning for September 2017
Website  This is a link to the new White Rose planning.
Fractions mastery -TES
Resource Multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting fractions mastery lesson including problem solving from Nrich.
Romans numerals - Mastery
Resource Roman Numeral addition and subtraction questions with numbers missing e.g. LIX - ??? = XIV ??? + XXXVIII = XCVI 3 differentiated sheets - bronze, silver and gold. Also, an extension task on roman numeral sequences (quite tricky with square and cubed numbers and prime numbers)
White Rose Maths Hub
Website Extensive resources and planning for mastery.
Maths Mastery- NCETM
Website Extensive resources from the National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics