Gladiators vocabulary-TES

Vocabulary builder on Gladiators

Roman invasion-Purple Mash
Website The Romans have invaded. Imagine you are a reporter at the scene and write a newspaper front page that explains what happened.
Roman newspaper report
Resource Examples of News reports about Boudicca's revolt written from the Roman view and Celt view .There is also a planning sheet to support pupils identifying the features and key ideas in each paragraphs used with a year 5 class.
The Missing Gladiator newspaper article-TES
Powerpoint A story set up for some creative writing. A clever gladiator escapes to freedom - how was it reported next day in The Roman Times?
Life in Roman Britain - letter writing-TES
Resource This activity asks the student to imagine they are a Roman soldier in Britain writing a letter home to their family in Rome. They have two scenarios with writing frames to choose from.
Fun Roman playscript-TES
Resource A fantastic playscript found online. Centres around the Roman invasion and has plenty of speaking & non-speaking parts to include the whole class. Very straightforward to produce, yet very effective. Round off with 'Just Like a Roman&' song from to really give it some pizzazz!
Romans audio clips-BBC School Radio

The history of the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain is told through a variety of comic sketches, dramas and monologues.Topics covered include Roman customs, buildings and infrastructure, gods and goddesses, food, Boudicca's revolt, slaves, working in the Roman army and Roman leisure activities.

Romulus and Remus Playscript-TES
Resource Year 4 class assembly. Could be used across KS2 for both performance and English work on playscripts.
Romans- Literacy from Primary Resources
Boudicca storyboard-Teachit Primary
Resource Can you order the key events in Boudicca's revolt against the Romans? Two differentiated worksheets which can be used as part of the QCA unit on the Romans.
Boudicca- Story plan - TES
Resource A simple sheet to split the story into four paragraphs. Chn spent one lesson on this and the next lesson used it to help them with their Big Write.
Boudicca Storyboard-TES
Resource 6 box storyboard for detailing revolt of Boudicca and the Iceni tribe, captions written for lower ability.
Roman Topic - Writing a factual Report-TES
Resource Word Strips can be used in a variety of ways. Sentences can be extended, ordered into categories- titles/ Roman Dress/ Roman Homes & Bulidings/ Roman Army Children can write further factual sentences on strips / categorise them / form paragraphs under sub-headings.
Roman Mysteries- literacy ideas
Website Literacy ideas from the author.
Caroline Lawrence- author page- Roman Mysteries
Website Million-selling author Caroline Lawrence writes detective stories with the double aim of entertaining children and teaching them. Combining fast-moving plots with historical accuracy means her history mystery stories are beloved of children, parents and teachers.
Roman explanation text (With comprehension questions)-TES
Resource An explanation text  about how Roman roads were built. It includes a labelled diagram as well as comprehension questions underneath.
Roman newspaper examples-TES
Resource Examples of News reports about Boudicca's revolt written from the Roman view and Celt view.There is also a planning sheet to support pupils identifying the features and key ideas in each paragraphs
Persuasive Letters - Roman Britain-TES
Resource If you are learning about Roman Britain and covering persuasive writing, then these resources could be ideal. There are 2 letters, differentiated three ways, written between Caractacus and Queen Cartimandua.
Vocabulary Lesson (Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs & Adverbs)-Romans-TES
Lesson A progressive PowerPoint highlighting the different word types in a piece of text about Romans. Starts with the opportunities for pupils to state what type of word certain words are.
Twinkl- Roman Writing Frames
Website Newspaper writing template etc.
The History Shed- Dum Spiro
Video Scroll down on page to video: ONE ROMAN SOLDIER'S ADVENTURE WITH A BEAR:Dum Spiro is a messenger who has been asked by Caesar to take a message to The Barbarians, the problem is he is stopped in his tracks by a huge fierce bear living in the woods.
Roman Poetry Writing Templates -TES
Resource If you are teaching a Roman topic and are trying to cover poetry objectives, use these planning templates to help children organise and plan their writing.Also included is a Roman God poem template for VLA children, where they need to brainstorm words that rhyme to sensibly complete the poem.
BBC Class clips -Romans
Website All the Roman Empire videos on the BBC Bitesize class clips site.
The Romans - display pack
Purchase and download our 'Romans' display pack. Click here.
Study Ladder
Website Lots of resources from this Australian site- but you must join.
Third Space Learning
Website  Mainly aimed at Years 5 and 6 , with useful resources, but also a website to keep an eye on as they will undoubtedly expand more .
Mathematics Mastery
Website Some examples ( full flip charts  and lessons ) of a Mastery approach.